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Dance with us!

All About Dance offers an exciting, positive learning experience for dancers three years of age and up. We have the dedication, experience and excellence for dance.

All About Dance offers many great classes such as: Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Gymnastics, Pom, Turns & Technique and Pre-School Dance.

2020-2021 Dance Schedule will be available on Sunday, August 30th


All About Dance Scottsdale Arizona

Covid-19 Safety

All About Dance - Plan and Guidelines to stop transmission

All About Dance will consistently provide guidance to employees, dancers, siblings, and parents regarding the prevention of COVID-19 transmission in our studio.

As a situation arises, All About Dance will work with the dancer and their family to ensure the safest course is undertaken to mitigate further occurrences.

All About Dance, at any time, will have the right to question any dancer, sibling, parent and or guest regarding potential exposure. All dancers will have temperature checks and given hand sanitizer upon entering the studio. All About Dance has the right to ask a dancer to leave if dancer is feeling ill. No parents will be allowed in the lobby area.

Masks & Social Distancing Policy

All dancers (Ages 6 & up) & employees will be required to wear a mask in the common areas of the studio.

Mask requirements:

(Cover both nose and mouth at all times)

Masks may be removed:
  • While inside the studio room during dance practice
  • During a drink break
  • Social distancing should be practiced as best as possible

All About Dance Scottsdale Arizona